Running Luck

One of the first things I do in the morning is go to the kitchen and get a glass of water.

Every single morning, I watch that water pour from the tap and I’m filled with a sense of wonder. I am SO lucky. Lucky that I was born in a country with access to clean water. Lucky that I have been given opportunities in my life to enable me to work. Lucky that that work enables me to pay for access to the clean water.


I don’t actually like the idea of luck. I work hard, I push myself. I try and take the right opportunities, and avoid the wrong ones. Those things aren’t luck. But, the place and family I was born into were luck. Those things I couldn’t chose, and in those things I was fortunate. I think it is easy for some people to forget that (especially politicians).

Those things set me up to be the kind of person I am. The kind of person who is motivated and strives for better. The kind of person who can afford to have water come out of a tap. Water I can drink.

All of this goes through my head in the seconds it takes to pour a glass and drink it.


PS: There is actually a big issue where we are running out of water. See Angela Morelli’s work for a beautifully designed explanation of what is going on. I was lucky enough to hear her speak about her work, and knowing things like this make my morning “gratitude” ritual all the more important. I hope the day never comes where I can’t turn that tap on.