Single Tab Experiment

I love weird productivity experiments, so here’s one. From 10am to 10pm today I am only allowed to have one tab open at a time.


I’m trying to read an article, it’s been 10 minutes, I got two paragraphs in and then jumped to Twitter, to feedly, to Docs, to the article, to Instagram, then back to Twitter to tweet about this idea…

I also seem to have a habit of having a thousand tabs open at once on every device and as a result never do anything with them.


There are always exceptions.

  • If I am adding something to my calendar
  • If I am copying something from one place to another
  • If I am comparing something
  • If I am referencing something
  • Coding templates

I am hoping that covers everything but I could be wrong…

I use Thunderbird for my work email so that’s ok. I had a bit of a dilemma about the calendar as I use it for my daily schedule and overall daily goals. However, surely I only need to check that when I finish a task etc? Yes. So it can be closed. Most of the time I have gmail, fitbit, docs, calendar and facebook messages pinned. Those are going.

The next 10 minutes are going to be spent frantically closing tabs, GO!