Skincare Preliminaries—Moisturiser Review

Just over three weeks ago I started an experiment with a couple of moisturisers. I used a different one on each leg and each foot, to see if the new ones I’d been gifted were as good or better than what I already used.

If you want the short answer, they weren’t.

Soap and Glory’s “The Daily Smooth” vs SBC Gel (leg v leg)

I actually really liked the SBC gel. It seemed to sink into my skin really easily. As mentioned before though it does appear to have a high alcohol content which I have read isn’t great. Maybe that’s why it didn’t have as good an effect on my leg as S&G. My right leg is noticeably softer and feels more pampered.

My arms are quite sensitive and don’t seem to like the Soap and Glory so once I’ve used up all of the above, I’m going to trial some of the Burt’s Bees moisturisers, no doubt I will post about that too!

Soap and Glory’s Heel Genius vs Lush’s Charity Pot (foot v foot)

Charity Pot isn’t specifically for feet, but it felt so rich I thought I’d give it a go. As expected, nothing beats Heel Genius. My right foot feels so soft and my left foot feels like normal.

Other Things I Tried

Lush’s Ultrabalm smelt and felt nice, but I didn’t really think it made much difference.

Lush’s Celestial facial moisturiser brought me out in a rash, which I don’t think is their fault. My skin can be quite sensitive to some things. Alas I had to give it up and go back to Simple’s light moisturiser until I have the perseverance to continue with Liz Earle’s hot cloth cleanse routine.

In Conclusion

This wasn’t terribly scientific but it was fun. Soap and Glory won for the time being! I’ve started using Burt’s Bees cuticle cream which I love so I think we’ll see more experiments with their products in the near future.