Skincare Preliminaries—Testing Products

I like to split my year into four-week chunks. I find it “neater” than months and like to start things on a Monday. Weird yes, but welcome to my head. Anyway, the fourth of those four-week chunks focusses on “beauty”. What that generally means is that I try and build up a proper skincare routine/habit, a flossing habit and go through my wardrobe and chuck things out.

As an aside: I don’t really like the word “beauty” but it seems to cover this theme well. I don’t think using products are going to magically make me “beautiful” but I do like to take care of myself, my hair and my skin are part of myself. I like trying to create the beauty habits because they feel like I’m pampering myself even though they’re pretty run of the mill.

I like to keep skincare routines as simple as possible but I have yet to really stick to one. When chunk 4 (I need a better word for these things…) comes up I plan to go over to Liz Earle in Guildford for a proper consultation and possibly a facial to kick start the routine as I (and my skin) love their hot cloth cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

I’d like to do it now but I know from experience and reading that trying to do too much at once doesn’t work. Chunk 1 focusses on food and eating habits which does tend to sort my skin out somewhat anyway.

So one thing at a time and building on habits. Why am I talking about beauty-chunk now? Well I’m doing some experiments leading up to beauty-chunk, mostly with my body skincare routine, especially while I have time in the morning (no commute!). I got some things for Christmas that I don’t want to wait to use. Also the experiments will help me decide what routine I want to settle on once beauty-chunk comes around.

I’m doing a bit of a face off with my legs and feet.

I normally use Soap and Glory’s The Daily Smooth as I like pump action moisturisers for body, so my right leg is getting its usual dose of that. When it runs out I am considering switching to Burts Bees as I want something a bit more natural. My left leg is getting the SBC jasmine & evening primrose oil skincare gel that I got for Christmas. It has rave reviews online but I’m a little skeptical of its alcohol content (alcohol is drying, no?).

For my feet, my right is getting the Soap and Glory Heel Genius which I LOVE and seems to work miracles, and my left is getting Lush’s Charity Pot. I find Charity Pot a bit too rich for anywhere else but my foot seems to be drinking it.

I also got some Lush Ultrabalm as part of a gift set so I’ve been putting that on elbows, knees and the side of my feet. Feels and smells really nice.

It takes about 3 weeks for skin to really react/settle into things, or so I’ve read, so I’ll be back in 2 weeks with a verdict!