Stardust. Beautiful, enchanting. I came out of the cinema thinking that real life was sometimes incredibly boring compared to the story in the film. I guess in real life you have to make your own magic 😉

I have to admit I do think it may have been aimed at teens younger than me. It was easy to see through some of the effects and some of it did seem quite childish. That said, it was a lovely story to escape with for a few hours once the lead stopped wearing his rose tinted glasses.

Brilliant cast list, I didn’t find myself wondering what other films they’d been in when I was watching – I was too engrossed in the performances. I’m really not a fan of Robert DeNiro – mostly because of the types of characters he plays, but I really enjoyed his part in this film and thought he did it brilliantly.

If you’re looking to escape for a few hours, you love fantasy or you love an entertaining lovestory with sky pirates, this is the film for you.