Tate Britain’s Ruin Lust Exhibition

About a month ago I had a meeting in London, which placed me quite near the Tate Britain. I decided to bunk off for the afternoon and work in the evening (the joys of freelance!) Having my Tate pass is brilliant because it means I can walk into any exhibit, at any point, without having to pay. This time I wandered into Ruin Lust.

It’s a brilliant exhibit, on for another week or so. Three artists/pieces stood out to me in particular.

Laura Oldfield Ford

Laura Oldfield Ford at the Tate Ruin Lust exhibit

I live in a run down 70s estate like her subject, and I think it’s the ugliest thing ever, or I did until I saw this. How Oldfield has managed to capture beauty in this environment is some kind of artistic wizardry. It drew me instantly. I love combining black and pink, and she does so masterfully. All her work features colour in this daring way and I love it. Oldfield also writes and you can find more of her work on her website.

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin – The Red House

Broomberg and Chanarin—The Red House

I thought this image was so beautiful until I read the description. Then I thought it was beautiful and it made me want to cry, so much so that I did. The Red House was a photographic essay documenting the mark making that captives of a Ba’athist prison made whilst in solitary confinement. The human creative spirit is so powerful, stronger even than some of the worst conditions imaginable. I’m grateful that this has been shared with the world, it offers perspective and inspiration.

There are more photographs to view on Now Here Limited.

John Piper

Floirac 1968 by John Piper 1903-1992

It was colour that drew me to John Piper’s work. I think that it is quirky and beautiful and I love the variations in style. The Tate website has many more beautiful pieces you can explore.

Well worth an evening’s work, I think!