The Alphabetti Spaghetti Killer

My reasons for wanting to see this are as follows:

  • It has the director of Wrong Turn. Wrong Turn was fantastically rubbish and hilarious. And actually from a visual perspective not bad.
  • Eliza Dushku is one of my favourite actresses because Faith was clearly the best slayer and I’ve wanted to be her since however old I was when season 3 of Buffy came out – 13? She also does a better job in horror films than Sarah Michelle Gellar – who was just the worst thing ever in The Return (what the hell was that film supposed to be about? Usually I can at least laugh at rubbish horror but this one, I was just so bored) and alright I’ll give her a little credit for the Grudge, because the Grudge was awesome. But still no.
  • The title makes it sound so deliciously rubbish, how can I refuse? Now I’ve read the synopsis I am a little disappointed that it wasn’t literally working through the alphabet, but that’s what you get for basing a film on a true story…
  • Which leads me to a curiosity about the ending since in real life they never caught the killer.

The official site is over here –> and it even includes a fantastic “teaser” trailer which shows you all the best bits of the film before you’ve had a chance to see it. Which who knows when that will be because it’s said OCTOBER for at least forever. Maybe it’ll hit the screens around Halloween (Halloween!!!)

Now I need to go shower and do some actual workleton.

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