The Dove Spa, Reigate

I was having a hard time choosing birthday presents for myself when I had the idea of going to a spa. With just one manicure to my name I had no idea what to expect. My mum and I were booked in at the Dove Spa in Reigate, Surrey for a manicure, pedicure, hot stones massage and a facial with the skin analysis.

We started with the skin analysis where they basically measure your skin’s moisture, elasticity, tone etc. They then tailor your facial based on this and give you some information on how to improve these factors.

The majority of the visit was spent in a private room for the hot stones, facial and pedicure. The hot stones massage was enjoyable, but very peculiar. I found it quite hard to relax which made some parts a bit uncomfortable. I then had a 45 minute facial where I have no idea what she did but I thoroughly enjoyed it. My face felt lovely and clean afterwards, and during the facial I had a head massage (which was nice, but the noise of my hair rubbing together was a bit off-putting) and an eyebrow tidy. Having never had my eyebrows waxed that was a pretty interesting new experience :S

Following this she gave my feet a treat (I tend to forget about them, as I’m told a lot of women do), and painted them a snazzy pink to match my hair. I foolishly forgot to bring some suitable shoes to prevent smudging, and was provided with some little foam sandles, which lasted about two seconds once I got out the door, but at least they tried. The result was one smudged big toe, but the rest still looked beautiful. Word to pedi-noobs: take suitable shoes.

I was then taken downstairs for the finale – the manicure. I naturally have long nails, but unfortunately had lost one of them somehow, meaning the rest of them had to be taken down to be the same length. Because of this my French manucure was perhaps less effective than what it could have been, but I still really liked the way it looked. The one thing I will say is it didn’t last very long, however a lot of nail varnish doesn’t last very long now that I have to clean my own place, and am doing more active things at lunchtime and in the evening.

It was £268 for both me and my mum, who had a shorter facial. From what I understand, as a total noob, it was worth it and I’d recommend a visit. I did take a look at the products they used to see if I wanted to purchase any, but at £30 for a moisturiser I had to pass. One day 😉