The Post-Uni Book Binge

Everyone told me it would happen, and it did (as evidenced on the reviews page – most of those are after I finished all my work, or as I was finishing). I’ve been stuck on fiction for months, mostly the Kathy Reichs series. I’m now up to the latest book and awaiting a copy at the library of the one just released. I just cannot get through a design or photography book – much as I want to and know I need to to keep up my learning and development – I’m just in a book binge, and the books I’m reading aren’t even that great. They keep me interested, don’t get me wrong. I like Reichs’ books, but they’re not what I’d call masterpieces. I guess my brain just needed a break.

I have four (yes, four! Two of which belong at work) half finished design and photography books which I simply must finish! I’m thinking that the new rule is no more fiction until I’ve finished those, but I just know I’ll crack… hrm.

So two questions, what was your post-uni book binge like? And any recommendations for fiction for me to read now I’m up to date with Reichs?