The Resolution: Daily Photo

So I have two new years resolutions, one which will probably fail because I’d forgotten Mars eggs existed is the no buying chocolate resolution – see here. The second is Project 365 (I guess 366 this year).

Students are Gross

The objective is to take one photograph a day to help you grow as a photographer, learn what’s important to you and to keep a visual memory of your year.

I only discovered this today so I’m a day late, but it’s a leap year so I’ll still have 365 pictures.

I also plan to blog about each picture, so here’s the first one, and it’s not pretty 😉 Came home to my student house today, I’d left some wine glasses in the mister’s room because they were mine and didn’t want them breaking, turns out after a week they grow mold!

Gross but interesting. I also like what the flash did with the glass! I used my phone camera for this cause I had it handy 😉

And yes that is our kitchen sideboard, but we’ve not been here so it’s not our mess 😉

As an aside I had a wonderful, romantic new years and feel I started this year really really well. Happy new year everyone!