THERE IS NO INTERNET! South Park and Adbusters

My copy of Adbusters came today. Like every year they’re doing a TV Turn-Off week, only this time it’s called “Mental Detox Week” which makes more sense in that the digital explosion of the last few years means we’re hounded by more than just TV.


The premise:

“The idea is simple: take your TV, your DVD player, your video iPod, your XBOX 360, your laptop, your PSP, and say goodbye to them all for seven days. Simple, but not at all easy. Like millions of others before you, you’ll be shocked at just how difficult – yet also how life-changing – a week spent unplugged can really be.”

Find out more at this link.

Last night’s South Park, titled “Over Logging” actually highlighted some key issues surrounding always being “turned on” to the internet in particular. It’s really hilarious, but also a little disturbing. I won’t spoil it, but I did want to mention a few things that have tied into things I’ve read in Adbusters material. Not knowing how to behave in a face to face situation, feeling compelled to check and reply to emails etc, becoming numb to real relationships and sex, having too much information etc.

I’m all for the internet, I just thought it was funny and thought provoking and tied in well with Adbusters’ message. Check it out if you get the chance 🙂

I think in America you might be able to view the full thing where this clip is, if not, here’s a clip!