Third Eye Blind at the O2 Forum

16 years ago someone introduced me to the glory that is “How’s it Going to Be?”, and that lead to the discovery of the quintessentially 90s Third Eye Blind. They’ve been on my “bands to see” list for quite some time as they rarely come to the UK. Friday was the night, and it was much as you’d expect. The full on fans loving every minute, and a large chunk of us waiting for the classics. I think you’ll get that divide when a band goes so many years without releasing a record, although I suspect it’s less of an issue when they play the US.

They’re a very interactive, tactile band. Stephan threw flowers into the audience and mashed his head on his guitar in the excitement (you can see the cut in the above video). We were instructed to talk to the people around us—I met a guy that followed the band around and had seen them over 50 times! That’s dedication.

The gig was a lot of fun, really upbeat. People completely lost it for Jumper, could not hear the band at all at some points. Would have been even cooler with less smoke so we could see their lovely faces better! All in all I was very happy to finally get to scream along to How’s it Going to Be, and pretend it was still the 90s 😀