Up my sleeve…

So much! So many ideas, plans, thoughts, things to do! The site needs a ginormous update. Some freelance work I’m doing will mean I’ll finally finish my content management system I was developing for my portfolio meaning that should finally appear in it’s full glory (bells, whistles, the works!)

I’ve also been investigating some good photo gallery software, since that’s something I really don’t have time to build from scratch. I want to keep my full photography portfolio on here, and hopefully link through to a print service. I’m thinking of going with Coppermine for now, gallery2’s back end didn’t seem particularly user friendly to me… but I’m still not completely happy with what coppermine offers, so any other suggstions are welcome.

I’m working on some freelance projects, one for the 3rd Guildford Guides, another for The Sporum (Spore and the Sims 2 forum) which involves fully reskinning an smf forum.

Work work is busy as usual. Lots of sites went live recently so I’ll have to update on that soon.

I went to the University of the Creative Arts on Saturday for an open day, to see about postgrad courses. I won’t be able to do a masters for a few years (gotta save up etc) so I’ve a few things in mind until then 😉