Updated! And Fuzz Lightyear.

Finally updated to the latest WordPress x( Theme really needs an update. I’m using a modified version of K2 at the moment (especially since the sidebar is looking rather shoddy!) Also need to recategorise stuff and give the blog a better focus. If I ever get a minute! 🙂 There’s a design in progress at least!


I added in my twitter and my delicious in the sidebar, thinking of adding flickr, but don’t know, I have a photo gallery of my own in the works, so is flickr worth the pro money? (My accounts almost full I think). Hmm. And it’s an arse to have to update two places when I take photos… we’ll see! Follow me on twitter anyway! jaz_design. I just installed Tweetie on my phone so now I’m never going to shut up! I also worked out that there was a wordpress ap so I can blog from my phone too 😛

In other news, we got a hamster yesterday. For no particular reason, weirdest impulse buy ever! He’s very cute though, syrian. Fuzz Lightyear is his name and he sure likes to spin his wheel to fast and go flying out of it! (Falling, with style ;)) There’s a couple of blurry iPhone photos on my twitpic too.