Walking out of Darkness for CLASP Charity 2015—Completed

Information and photographs from the walk, plus Fitbit evidence of completion!

As mentioned a while ago, Alice and I took part in the CLASP charity walk for the second time yesterday.

CLASP Charity raises awareness & support for those suffering the stigma surrounding mental illness & increases suicide prevention.

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated, and supported us—both times! We need to keep the momentum going around these issues, and I’m thrilled that we fulfilled our goal. You can still donate for a couple of weeks, and if you would like to do so we’d really appreciate it!

The walk itself was a lot of fun, met some lovely people and saw some interesting things—including a few of the Shaun in the City statues ❤️, a wedding shoot opposite Big Ben and faces drawn on just about everything.

Finally, evidence that we completed the walk, courtesy of Fitbit! We ended with a tasty visit to Las Iguanas. The tropical cooler tastes like jelly babies, and the tembleque (coconut cream desert) was delicious.