Warner Bros Studio Tour—Harry Potter Visit 2

An early Christmas treat—Alice and I visited Warner Bros Studio Tour for the second time, to experience “Hogwarts in the Snow”.

I took my SLR for this visit, but only my fixed lens. Zoom would have been useful in this context, but there are still plenty of photographs…

Studio J

Magic is Might

The Back Lot

They’ve rearranged the back lot, which has somehow made it more difficult to photograph. There was a snow machine on the go, but the wind was blowing the wrong way.

Studio K

The Hogwarts Model

The model of Hogwarts used for filming is breathtaking. It’s a 1:24 scale model, almost 50 feet in diameter. If I had time I’d love to edit out all the lights and things that give away the fact it’s not real.

Hogwarts Scale Model

Other Bits

Hogwarts in the Snow

What did “Hogwarts in the Snow” involve? They had all the Christmas decorations out, flaming Christmas puddings, a station where you could learn about different types of snow, some sets had snow outside the windows, there was a snow machine on the back lot, an interactive “invisible person making footprints in snow” in Diagon Alley, and the Hogwarts model was covered in snow.

I don’t think I’d ever say no to a visit to this place, it’s like stepping into a whole other world. The creativity and work that went into the films is inspiring and learning about it didn’t ruin the magic for me. I do wish they gave everyone wizard robes upon arrival, to make it even more immersive, and so that any time you accidentally photograph a person, they look like they’re meant to be there.

We had a fantastic time and went home for more butterbeer and watched some of the films.