Wreck This Journal: Week 1

My fun new years resolution was delayed this year, but I am very happy I can finally start sharing it with you. In the run up to Christmas I got my hands on a Wreck This Journal. These books are very popular on the internet at the moment, and serve as an invitation for you to be as creative and messy as possible. As a designer I find i tend to colour within the lines, so was excited for the opportunity to go outside the box a bit more. For the resolution, I wanted to do one or two pages a week, so here are the first two!

Pre-wrecked. The journal in its freshest state.

Page 1: Tape this journal closed and mail it to yourself


Cheating already! To be honest the idea of putting this through the UK postal system was a little scary as at times they can’t get a birthday card from A to B. So it has been through my letterbox, and in my bag, and painted, but it has not been posted. The instructions explicitly say you can go against instructions so 😛

I’m hoping the outside will get more battered as time goes on. I love painting on things which aren’t designed to be painted on (picked this up from Noel Fielding) so taped it up, painted on it and untaped it.

Page 2: Trace your toes


I somehow ended up on this macabre idea of the little piggies. Had to let go and allow the markers to soak through the paper. The “blood” has soaked through in the inner margins of a few other pages which is interesting and hopefully I can build on that.