You ARE Amazing

Things are good.

I’m on the mend now. Fingers crossed it stays that way. I made it into town the other day, and I’ve even been to Portsmouth and to uni. I was mortified about missing the start of that really. And also, I have so much work to do now, last semester’s, and this semester’s… but that’s ok. Because it’ll get done. So long as I can stay well. I still get fairly tired easily, but that’ll go. Thankfully the feeling depressed about it has passed, I think that went with the actually being able to do things again-ness.

South Park, good or bad?

I actually did something artistic the other day, it felt good.

I’m also reading Design Anarchy – finally managed to put my hands on it in the uni library (yeah, because I can afford £50 for a book). It’s good. It scares me sometimes, as do the Adbusters magazines, but it’s good. I like it a lot.

I finished The Modern Pagan: How to Live a Natural Lifestyle in the 21st Century. It came across to me as a little preachy at times, a lot of things are common sense, but it was alright. Not the best book in that vein that I’ve read, but still good to read all the same. I know I marked off some pages to go back to, maybe when I do I’ll think some more about how useful I thought it really was.

I started a Library Thing thing actually, though I’ve not had much time to play with it. I like the site and what it does, but not the interface so much. I don’t know. Anyone know of any similar sites? I guess it’s like in a way.

So it’s halfway through February. Anyone keep their new years resolutions this time? I didn’t make any. I stopped eating chocolate for a bit, but that went to hell when I got sick. I can’t count how many Mars eggs I’ve eaten – they have to be the best invention since…. cream eggs. Still, that needs to stop. Really.

Actually, that’s a lie, I did have a resolution in mind. Haha. Guess that went to hell too. I’ll dig that out and maybe start doing it. It involves cameras.

Happy belated Val Day world. Love is amazing. Find some.

I got an essay back that I wrote “analysing an image found within contemporary visual culture”. I got 70% which is really good, and some really nice comments. Considering I was in quite an upset/stressed out state the day I wrote that, that’s pretty amazing. I did put in some library time for that though, and it paid off, judging by one of the comments. I guess I might just live in the library this semester. It’s not like I don’t have too much to do.

Quite probably one of my favouritest photos ever. <3 Although it should be the other way around, as per the way it was developed ;P

I’m getting rid of my tellybox. That’s not to say I won’t watch telly elsewhere, I think that’s inevitable. And you know, the stuff I watch on the PC, but but but, I’M GIVING UP HOLLYOAKS. Properly this time. Yes. You heard. Giving it up.

24 is scary. It’s all going wrong. Fix it.

I should do the stuff I came home to do.